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Machining requires tolerances in the range of a thousandth of an inch, attention to detail is our main focus at BP Precision Machining. Our capabilities and staff include several Master Machinists, complimented by a diverse team of talented, creative and innovative engineers dedicated to delivering the very best machined products possible.

Whether you need a broken or obsolete part reverse engineered or a custom part or prototype designed and built, we guarantee you will be impressed with our skill, creativity and dedication to customer service.

Our Services

From optimizing and reverse engineering parts to manufacturing fully-equipped new prototype parts, business with BP Precision Machining is customized and seamless.

Industries We Serve

We help businesses automate processes to fit their unique requirements. Here is a list of some of the industries we serve:


Oil and Gas







Water Jet Cutting

We Offer Highest Quality Precision Water Jet Cutting Solutions

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BP Precision is dedicated to the highest level of quality and service for our clients. We are an API Q1, and hold an API Spec. 6A, 7-1, Monogram. When we take on a project we ensure that our end product not only meets but exceeds the requirements of our clients.

Our Machines

BP Precision Machining is well equipped with a wide range of fabrication and machining equipment both manual and computerized.

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