3 Myths About CNC Machining – CNC Machine Shop Edmonton, AB

myths about cnc machining

Little Experience Is Needed For CNC Machining

With the ease of use of so many machines today many will tell you that you need very little experience to provide quality services however this is the furthest from the truth. The latest technology in CNC Machines comes equipped with visual programming systems, automatic tool presetters, high-tech work probes and a wide variety of tools and add-ons to make the process easier. It is however up to the operator how the machines will perform its task and it takes experience with the process and procedures required to effectively produce quality parts on a consistent basis.

The CNC Machine Can be Set Only Once For Each Part

With the advancements in machine automation in the last decade itis easy to believe that most processes can be automated. However, when it comes to the CNC Machine an experienced operator still needs to be vigilant of every part being produced by the CNC Machine. Tools break can break and parts within the machine can shift or an insert may wear down. A machinist must then intervene in order to maintain the quality of the part and prevent future problems. As the client will want all the parts precisely made.

You Can Predict When a Job Will Complete

With customers ordering quick turn around times and the advancements in technology it is becoming simpler to predict the approximate time that a job will complete. If a job has a 5 minute cycle time with 30 seconds in between to unload and reload and 100 parts are required you can estimate 9 hours for the job. There are many factors that the operator needs to think about though. For, example how long will cutting tools last and the possibility of replacing dull tools? Also how the operator will keep up with the machine. It is easy to make a prediction however of when the new job will be completed but a precise answer is almost impossible. It is best to be cautious and leave plenty of time for production due to possible machine interruptions and other factors.

As a recap it is important that you choose a CNC Machine Shop that will provide quality services but also has experienced machinists operating within the shop. BP Precision Machining is a machine shop in Edmonton, AB. With years of experience and highly advanced capabilities, we are confident we can handle extremely complex requirements for machines that are applied in a wide range of applications. If you are looking for CNC Machining Services Edmonton Contact Us Today.