Manual Milling Services – What You Need To Know

Manual Milling Services are used in many situations. Manual Milling is a type of machining process that uses a rotating cutter on a piece of material to remove material at any angle. It is a cutting process that creates a vertical upright cutting movement. Typically CNC Machining is used for large and repeat cutting jobs. There are some applications and situations that are best suited for manual milling especially custom projects. Manual milling also does not require programming and will result in a shorter turnaround time for the project. It is important to know that you are receiving proper milling/machining services. Here are a few questions you want to ask the shop that you will be working with:

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Ensure the company will work with your material of choice. Most skilled milling professionals should work with numerous materials for your project or machine. Types of materials in various metals (aluminum, brass, steel), woods and plastics.


Ensure you are working with a quality team of skilled machinists. It is also good to know what is being outsourced or if all services are being performed in house. Working with a company that provides in house design and follow through all within house will keep your project centralized and you will know who is working on your project. Manual Milling requires a much higher level of skill than CNC machining manual milling requires a lot of technical skill especially the complex components.

Quality Control

Companies should have the proper safety standards and these will be evident online and at the establishment. The company should be certified in the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality Standards. Here at BP Precision our safety standards are of at the utmost priority when it comes to our machining standards.

Operating a manual machine not just requires technical know-how but a machinist with a “sense of feel.” Our skilled and dexterous team can produce anything from small item to highly complex machine parts. For more information on manual milling services contact us today or call 780-439=9338.