Qualities of a Top Machine Shop

There are many Machine Shop Best Practices to ensure that you will be provided the best quality services.


A quality machine shop will provide transparency on what type of outcomes they can produce such as what machinery and techniques they use, what materials they can work with, and the outputs or tolerances that they can accomplish. This way, you can fairly assess if all the machining processes can be performed in-house. All work that is done through BP Precision is done in house and through our strict process, we inform our clients about each step in our machining processes.


Having a skilled team to operate a precision machining environment is absolutely crucial to success. BP Precision Machining has the skilled craftsmen and the advanced machinery available to produce high quality one of a kind piece or in volume. A machine shop should be run by experienced machinists who are knowledgeable and thorough in their work. Our experience, knowledge, and sense of urgency are why our customers value our service and trust us with their quick turned prototyped machined parts.

Quality Machines

A machine shop with top capabilities is certainly an indicator that you’ve found an experienced supplier. A machine shop with the latest machines in technological advancement can provide the best quality outputs and materials. BP Precision not only has quality CNC Machines, but they also have a Waterjet Cutting Machine and provide Waterjet Cutting Services with on stock demand products for immediate on-demand rush services.

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A competitive machine shop should not only have quality machine shops, but it should have proper maintenance. This includes maintaining the machines on a regular basis, as well as ensuring that the machinists have preventative maintenance practices. Tools should also be properly cleaned and protected from rust and at top safety standards.


Quality Safety Regulations ensures that a machine shop follows the best practices and provides quality products. BP Precision is an API Q1, ISO 9001:2015 certified machine shop and holds an API Spec. 6A, 7-1, Monogram.