Why Water Jet Cutting Is The Best Form Of Cutting

Water Jet Cutting is a cold cutting method that uses very high pressure pure water to cut many types of materials. Waterjet cutting is used especially to cut materials that are sensitive and at risk of deformation from other forms of heated cutting. Water Jet Cutting is used for many industries for all types of materials. Water Jet cutters can be used to cut textiles, rubber, foam, plastics, leather, composites, stone, tile, glass, metals, food, paper and much more.

Advantages Of Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting does not require heat and therefore can cut materials without warping materials. There is typically no need for sanding or grinding around edges to finish the job as materials are not burned, cracked or melted from other forms such as laser cutting. This is also especially important for materials that are thicker such as most metals and even composites or materials between a thickness of 0.04″ and even up to even 12″. A water jet cutter can even cut composite materials.

Waterjet cutters can have omni-directional cutting which means they can cut in almost any direction. They can therefore cut more complex shapes allowing materials to be shaped into almost any form. Sharp corners, bevels, and pierce holes are all possible with a water jet cutter.

Due to the fact that waterjet cutters do not require added need for sanding and grinding they also lead to less waste and emit very little residue or chemicals into the workspace. Less raw material is also wasted from the entire process.

Here at BP Precision we cut all types of materials and sizes on our water jet cutting machine. We also stock some materials for immediate and demand rush services. If you would like to learn more about Water Jet Cutting services contact us today at BP Precision Machining in Edmonton, AB.